Sunday, January 3, 2010

Buy & Use...

I hoard scrapbook supplies... I buy out of want and not need. Tried to change, didn't go so well. So I am going to buy and use. I have not spent a lot of time in my scrap room ... all work and no play. I am committing to change that; I am really into banners but I like squares. I took all the pictures I love but will never really scrap in an album. I love, love working on small scrap areas... I am a huge fan of 12x6 - 6x12 (I am waiting to CM to make an album to fit them). I am working on a lot of projects with the same idea.

I made the banner for Mr. Bletzer... yet in hangs in my scarp room.

I like using misc embellishments that don't go with any theme... they are just there to be there.

My favorite picture of Harry... the "3" represents my three dogs. The feet belong to the lovely Miss Dei... my 6 yr old nephew took the picture and I love it... thank you Jesus she doesn't have my Fred Flinstone feet.

More random pictures of Mr. Bletzer.

My ATC holder is a continued work in progress... I have filled it with photos of my family... I hope to complete it this month.
That's all for now, good night!


tammy inman said...

Love your new super cute banner!

Anonymous said...

Me gusta FRAND!!!