Sunday, April 5, 2009

NASCAR & Mr. Bletzer

For our tenth anniversary Mr. Bletzer was given a dream driving experience by yours truly... NASCAR racing school. He drove it like he stole it!
Here is Mr. Bletzer & Mr. Macchia all suited up and ready to go... they were like two giddy woman, who just won a 10K shopping spree from their favorite store!

Waking to the track to get in their cars.

How ironic Mr. Bletzer, the "RED SOX" fan drove the "DODGER" car... probably to impress his favorite sister in law watching.

There he goes.. it was really hard to take pictures of him going round & round.

He made it without wrecking into the wall... I have to say I was very impressed by his driving. He was so excited, I knew this gift would make him super happy!!! Now, to scrap them... hum what shall I do???
By the way, I cleaned out the scrap stash... I mean really cleaned out the stash!!! I'm getting ready for a yard sale!!! Until next time, have a great week!!!

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